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A Nissan Owner's Guide to Changing Your Tires

Last updated 6 years ago

Knowing how and when to change your tires—whether it’s a flat tire or a tire that has run out of tread—is an important skill that will give you exceptional peace of mind on the road. To learn more about changing your Nissan’s tires, read this article.

If Your Tire is Flat

If you know how to change your Nissan’s flat tire, you will probably have greater peace of mind on the road, especially if you are unsure if you will be able to call roadside assistance. To change a flat tire, pull over to a safe, flat spot and turn on your Nissan’s hazard lights. If your Nissan has hubcaps, loosen the lug nuts on the wheel with a wrench and then use a jack—included with your Nissan—to lift the car until the bottom of the tire is about six inches off of the ground. At this point, you can remove the lug nuts and pull the wheel off of the car, replacing it with the spare. Finally, put the lug nuts back on half-tight, lower the car, and then fully tighten the lug nuts.

If Your Tire Tread is Low

It’s a good idea to replace your tires before they become too low on tread, because at this point your traction will suffer greatly, especially during slippery road conditions. To find out if you have enough tread, stick a penny in the grooves of your Nissan’s tires with the top of Lincoln’s head facing toward the tire. If you see any part of his head, it’s time to head to the Brown’s Fairfax Nissan dealership for new tires.

Increase Your Tire Life For Next Time

Once you have a new set of tires, it’s a good idea to know some of the things that contribute to longer tire life. Be sure that you keep your Nissan’s tires inflated at the proper levels, and that you get regular tire rotations and wheel alignments according to the intervals recommended in your Nissan’s owner’s manual.

For high-quality maintenance for your Nissan, come to Brown’s Fairfax Nissan. Visit our website to make a service appointment with us, and give us a call at (703) 591-8009 if you have any questions.


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